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  1. SOUTH_AMERICA 2022 v118 - RT6, SMEG, SMEG+, SMEG+IV2 CID:007,118,0,2,2022,"20/7/2022","N-SOUTH_AMERICA","HERE" CID:029,118,2,2,2022,"7/9/2022","S-SOUTH_AMERICA","HERE" M49RG20-Q0222-2611 CID:007,118,0,2,2022,"20/7/2022","N-SOUTH_AMERICA","HERE" CID:029,118,1,2,2022,"29/7/2022","S-SOUTH_AMERICA","HERE" M49RG20-Q0222-2631
  2. Versão original global_cfg 799537/04.03.22 Download Senha: nyky
  3. Basemap 23.06.2021/global_cfg_790904 PW:nyky
  4. TomTom Navigation_v1.8.19 Download Senha: nyky
  5. global_cfg_778584/12_08_2020 pw:nyky Sena:nyky
  6. TomTom NDS 1.8.13.b.563 Supported CPU: armeabi-v7a TomTom NDS 1.8.13.b.564 Supported CPU: arm64-v8a and OBB package Credit angola_prison Pw:nyky
  7. View the image album with the new changes (Veja imagens com as novas alterações) Red indicates what is new (Vermelho indica o que há de novo)
  8. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic v1.17.9 Build 2133 Credit DeltaFoX.obb What's New in Version Support Android 10: the app is now compatible with Android 10. installation 1. Install the free version from the store. 2. Start this until the map download (do not load a map !!!) and then close. 3. Uninstall the Free and install the patched version. 4. Start, agree to all permissions and load the maps.
  9. Global_cfg 759314/11.07.2019 pw:nyky
  10. Global_cfg_748892/10.01.2019 pw:nyky
  11. global_cfg_747397/06_12_2018 pw:nyky Global_cfg_3D ! ( Primo ) pw:nyky credit Alain57
  12. Here's how your .spdb file looks like .txt Type 1 Fixed Speed Camera.......: 16516 Type 2 Red Speed Camera.........: 43 Type 3 Red Light Camera.........: 1125 Type 4 Section Speed Camera.....: 0 Type 5 Mobile Speed Camera......: 2705 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Files and Cameras.........: 20389 SpeedCamText.txt
  13. @Turnon Do you usually read private messages? I sent you one "Enviada em 12 maio 2018 - 14:07", can you give me a few seconds to read my message? Thank you.
  14. iGO Basar - 13.June 2018 No need licenses. When installing, app make sys.txt. If you are using your own sys and put it into root of folder, then application will no make sys.txt. The application can be installed in the folder name iGO or iGO_Basar without changes data_folder_name="iGO_Basar" in sys.txt Copy the iGO/iGO_Basar base folder to root of internal sdCard. On some devices (ONLY SOME OF THEM), applications can be installed and from root of external sdCard. Add latest global_cfg, languages, maps and other content by your choice pw:nyky Senha: nyky
  15. 1.the error you received was that you did not enter the password or that you were not able to download it 2.If you received this update from naviextras there is no need to download anywhere, it is an official update, it is not found on the Ssreet.
  16. How did you download? Is it so incorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's an official update, it's not overlooked, no it's downloaded when it's wanted.
  17. global_cfg_731895/27_04_2018 pw:nyky 3D Global_cfg " version 731895 ->" modified by Alain 57 pw:nyky Thanks Alain 57
  18. Global_cfg_Universel_728243/20.02.2018 pw;nyky @Alain57
  19. is not the creation of the Gps Power forum, here was seen by you, construction and completion is from
  20. SCDB World/Europe up to 05/11/2017 iGO OEM products (file format: txt) igo-oem-Africa igo-oem-America igo-oem-Asia igo-oem-Benelux igo-oem-DE-AT-CH igo-oem-Eastern-Europe igo-oem-Europe igo-oem-Skandinavia igo-oem-West-Europe igo-oem-world iGO (file format: spb) igo-spb-Africa igo-spb-America igo-spb-Asia igo-spb-Benelux igo-spb-DE-AT-CH igo-spb-Eastern-Europe igo-spb-Europe igo-spb-Skandinavia igo-spb-West-Europe igo-spb-world pw:nyky
  21. TomTom GO Mobile (v1.17.1 build 2121 patched by DFoX Team URET) original version: install the app from Google Play store. <--------DO THIS FIRST !!!!!! 2) run it, close. <----------------------------------DO THIS BUT do not download any Maps or Voices 3) uninstall from Application Manager. <-------------THEN THIS BUT do not uninstall it with The Google Store !!!!!! Please note do not use 3rd party uninstallers only use what came with your phone or tablet...... 4) install Tomtom_Go_Navigation&Traffic Patched <--NOW THIS 5) restart phone You are ready to go now get your maps and voices. New Lincensed Until 01-01-2101 MD5 Sum Patch Apk : 6E0A860B1CE20A83EBBBF15C320D893B ONLY If need this is a obb file to copy in SDCard\Android\obb\com.tomtom.gplay.navapp\ MD5 Sum Obb : 94CCB58ABA73EC204E253DAF398E7547 The password for content.db into root folder... downloaded whit this release is : "DeltaFoX"PW:nykyThanks DeltaFoX
  22. iGO Navigation - 11.jul.2017 need licenses The application can be installed in the folder name*iGO*or*iGO_World*without changes*data_folder_name="iGO_World"*in sys.txt All is packed in one archive (content folder, both apk's are presented, etc...)pw:nyky
  23. The application in my country can not be downloaded Is anyone nice to climb it for me? Thank you in advance.
  24. Tomtom Go Navigation and Traffic v1.16.1 Build 2077_By_DeltaFoX_TeamURET[Patched] WHAT'S NEW - Improved Advanced Lane Guidance: See both the route ahead and the lane or exit you need to take side by side, when you approach an exit or junction. This feature is only available when in landscape view. - Safety Camera Reporting: Report a safety camera as you drive using the new reporting button in the speed panel. The password is : nyky
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